Dottie Ann’s kayak rigged for fishing

I wanted to share some of my modifications and to let you know that I have logged about 40 hrs. in my boat…..I named her V ger. (Star Trek)
Also, I wanted to ask you about the necessity of the pink noodles. I forgot why they are there.

And, I love , Love , My boat.

Dottie Ann Pollock




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Kayak fishing for reds in St. Augustine

Camera: Dave Hernandez

Kayak fishing trip in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, FL

Me in my kayak holding a nice redfish

High and dry, and comfy in my W500 kayak


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Some cool W kayak pictures

Here’s a little collection of W kayak photos I recently shot around here:

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Repair and Outfitting Service

Need to outfit your W kayak or rig it for fishing? -We can help you with that.

Need to repair stuff in your W kayak? -We can take care of that too!

Just call  732 921 1080, and tell us what you need,



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Both Sides

The purpose, of the photos in this blog entry, is an attempt to illustrate the shape of our kayaks, from more than one perspective.  The view of the “W” kayaks, side by side, is to show both above and below the waterline, in one photo for comparison.  The saddle is what helps make the “W” much more comfortable than a conventional  kayak.  Seeing the “W” from beneath may help you understand why “Yak Back” is NOT in the equation. The freedom to sit, stand, or lie down, in a position NOT dictated by the kayak, is up to you.  The saddle allows the paddler to sit higher, thus drier.  Paddlers do NOT need to get wet to get in or out of a “W”.  Seeing it from beneath also illustrates why stability is superior in a “W” kayak.  Hope the photos help.  Comments and questions welcome.  Paddle on.   Gene

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